Paris, 7 April 2010

Inauguration of the Franco-Mexican International Associated Laboratory for Mathematics

The Solomon Lefschetz Franco-Mexican International Associated Laboratory (LIA) was inaugurated on April 7th, 2010, by CNRS and Mexico's Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACyT). The objective of this LIA is to catalyze greater scientific cooperation between the French and Mexican mathematics communities.

Inaugurated today, the Solomon Lefschetz LIA (LAISLA) will support and develop the existing and already numerous links between Mexico and France in the field of mathematics. The main research themes developed within this LIA are: Algebra, Analysis and Equations, Combinatorics and Convexity, Geometry, Probability, Singularities, Dynamic Systems and Topology.

This LIA is associated with the Laboratoire d'analyse, topologie et probabilité (CNRS/Université de Provence/Université Paul Cézanne) in France, and with the Institute for Mathematics of the Universidad National Autónoma de México (Cuernavaca unit) in Mexico.

The LAISLA extends the present Franco-American mathematics network. From Canada, with the UMI PIMS (1) (Vancouver), to Chile, with the UMI CMM (2) (Santiago), via Uruguay, with the LIA IFUM (3) and Brazil where several important cooperation programs exist (including the UMI IMPA (4)), French mathematics is strongly implanted in this part of the world.

CNRS, through the Institute for Mathematical Sciences and its interactions, runs a network of mathematics laboratories with the aim of reinforcing the global influence of French mathematics (in 2nd place behind the USA). International exchanges are both necessary for ensuring the excellence of French teams, and the manifestation of this excellence. In addition to numerous spontaneous collaborations, CNRS boasts 6 International Joint Units, 6 European or International Research Networks, 5 LIAs, 10 International Programs for Scientific Cooperation and a scientific interest group.


(1) Pacific Institute for Mathematical Science International Joint Unit
(2) Center for Mathematical Modeling International Joint Unit
(3) “Franco-Uruguayan Institute of Mathematics” International Associated Laboratory
(4) Instituto Nacional de Matematica pura e aplicada


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