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  • 5 August 2015
    Bacteria that prevent type 1 diabetes
    Our bodies have ten times more microbes than human cells. This set of bacteria is called microbiota. In some instances, bacteria known as pathogens can cause infectious diseases. However, these (...)
  • 4 August 2015
    Missing piece surfaces in the puzzle of autism
    A study carried out by the Laboratoire Neurobiologie des Interactions Cellulaires et Neurophysiopathologie (CNRS/Aix-Marseille Université), in collaboration with clinicians from Marseilles Public (...)
  • 30 July 2015
    Philae's first results from Churi prove surprising
    Organic molecules never previously observed in comets, a relatively varied structure on the surface but a fairly homogeneous interior, organic compounds forming agglomerates rather than being (...)
  • 28 July 2015
    Pygmies show growth plasticity is key to human evolution
    While the stature of pygmies is well-suited to tropical rainforests, the mechanisms underlying their growth remain poorly understood. In order to decipher these mechanisms, a team of scientists from (...)
  • 23 July 2015
    Fighting mosquito resistance to insecticides
    Controlling mosquitoes that carry human diseases is a global health challenge as their ability to resist insecticides now threatens efforts to prevent epidemics. Scientists from the CNRS, IRD, (...)


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