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  • Emulsions : Emulation in Action
    From cosmetics to pharmaceuticals, diagnosing disease or modeling biological mechanisms, researchers are exploring the myriad applications of very special fluids called colloids.
  • Fishing for Origins
  • Linked : DNA Synthesis and Carbon Metabolism
  • Polar Heat Waves
    The frozen polar regions provide a treasure trove of information on the distant past, preserving both snapshots of Paleolithic climates and long-extinct ecologies. Recent findings have unearthed (...)
  • Emitting More, Absorbing Less
    Carbon dioxide spillage into the Earth's atmosphere is set to spiral far higher than hitherto forecast, while the earth's natural capacity to partially absorb CO2 emissions is weakening. This (...)
  • Cool Reactions
  • Sticky Cells
  • Giant Leaps in a Small World
    CNRS is actively involved in nanotechnology research, with applications in a variety of fields. This pluridisciplinary approach facilitates active communication between the different fields, since (...)
  • The Fall of Tyre Revisited
  • Watch Out for that Flash !
  • Hidden HIV Reservoirs
    Current anti-retroviral regimens are unable to totally eradicate the Human Immunodeficiency Virus in infected patients. Here are the most recent discoveries made by CNRS researchers on what they call (...)
  • Jurassic tracks
    Work has begun on an extraordinary palaeontological site discovered this past June in the forests of the Jura mountains. There, in abandoned quarry, researchers are busy investigating hundreds of (...)
  • Véronique Nahoum-Grappe : Sociological strolls
    From beauty esthetics to the mechanisms that govern cultural development, Veronique Nahoum-Grappe chooses her subjects very carefully. For the most part, she believes that treading between sociology (...)
  • In brief


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