Paris, March 30, 2007

The CNRS reinforces its policy of access to digital documents in the human and social sciences

The CNRS and its department of Human and Social Sciences (SHS) have just appointed Yannick Maignien, seconded from the higher learning section of the CNRS, as the Director of Adonis “Unique access to digitized data and documents of the Human and Social Sciences.”

The objective of Adonis as a major facility is to become a space for navigation that brings together all scientific documents in the human and social sciences, on a national and European scale. Yannick Maignien has three priorities: building a partnership between the various actors in research on human sciences, the digitizing of archives and the digital publishing of scientific journals in the field. This last topic will be handled by the “Center for open electronic publishing” (CLEO), a new mixed service unit and partner of Adonis, which is soon to be founded. This unit will be linked with the CNRS, the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, the University of Provence and the University of Avignon and the Pays de Vaucluse.


The goal of Adonis, one of the CNRS' major facilities, is to provide all of the human and social sciences with the digital archiving, working, signaling, distribution and communication tools needed for the international development of French research in this area. Adonis' work will be based on databases (such as those existing at the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the CNRS), the movement of open archives and the need for new digital objects for research (audiovisual sources, statistical data, series and collections of all kinds, particularly for heritage). Making these research tools and results visible and accessible is one of the major goals for Adonis.


Adonis will work on building partnerships between major actors in research, higher learning and culture. Test operations for the digitizing of scientific archives will be started. Within Adonis, the CLEO mixed service unit will handle the digital publishing of scientific journals. It will take on the former missions of the scientific digital publishing center and will develop them. An internet gateway will be established to structure the access to the resources and digital indexes.


For each of its actions, the Adonis management team, composed of Yannick MAIGNIEN, Director, and Benoît HABERT, University Professor and Deputy Director, will draw on the most transparent evaluations, scientific, technical and functional validations. It will receive support from appropriate project oversight bodies such as a steering committee and a scientific committee that is now being formed.




Born on February 5, 1950, in Saint Malo


Y. Maignien is a philosopher and sociologist by training. He took part in many projects at the crossroads of the human and social sciences and new information and communication technologies:

-              teaching

-              exhibitions at the Cité des sciences et de l'Industrie

-              study director at the Institute of audiovisual and telecommunications in Europe

-              scientific mission for digitizing at the BNF, in charge of the Gallica collections (digital library of the BNF) and putting them on line as of 1997

-              design and implementation of the Casa de Francia media library in Mexico City

-              documentary engineering at ENS Letters and human sciences of Lyons

-              Book and digital policies for the French Embassy in Italy

-              Currently study director for digital cultural practices for the Ministry of Culture.


His 25 years of experience have led him to favor the harnessing of digital tools for collaboration networks. He has published articles on the issue of digital libraries and the renewed problematics of contemporary encyclopedia assembly.



© Brigitte Etlicher - CNRS 2007 (this photo is available from the CNRS photo library, 01 45 07 57 90,

Yannick Maignien, Director of Adonis (at left) and Benoît Habert, Deputy Director (at right)


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