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Making headway

The open days for Bioinformatics and Mathematics (Journées ouvertes de Biologie informatique et mathématiques, JOBIM, Bordeaux, July 5-7) held in Bordeaux, were an opportunity to evaluate progress at the Décrypthon. Conceived in 2001 by the AFM1 and IBM, in association with CNRS, and launched in 2005, this database compiles thousands of gene and protein sequences to help in the fight against genetic diseases.

With the help of IBM, three new supercomputers were set up, taking the processing power from 298 to 500 gigaflops. Two new projects were presented at JOBIM 2006. The first project (coordinated by Olivier Poch and Gilbert Deléage) will develop a descriptive analytical grid for protein mutations in order to better understand  their role in human diseases. It will use a relational database (MS2PH-db) which contains structural and evolutionary data, associated with phenotypic and mutational data, of 1036 proteins involved in human genetic pathologies.

The second project (coordinated by Christophe Pouzat) involves developing an internet portal to help neurologists with their diagnosis. Based on probabilities, the project offers the possibility of automating the “sorting” of action potentials recorded by physicians, who will be able to send electromyograms and obtain measurements of action potentials in return. This could speed up diagnosis of neurological or neuromuscular diseases. A first version of this software has already been successfully tested on the Décrypthon grid.


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1. Association Française contre les Myopathies.


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