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Scientific Cooperation Agreement with FIOCRUZ  

A cooperation agreement is to be signed between CNRS and Brazil's Fundaçao Oswaldo Cruz (FIOCRUZ). The agreement will officially recognize the long-standing partnership between researchers from the two institutions. Within this framework, an International Associated Laboratory for immunology will be set up to study the expression and role of neuropilin in the human thymus. It will bring together researchers from both Wilson Savino's team at FIOCRUZ and Michel Dy's unit (CNRS- Hôpital Necker joint lab). 

FIOCRUZ, a Brazilian institute for life sciences research, development, and teaching, was founded in 1900 to fight the epidemics affecting the country (bubonic plague, yellow fever, smallpox, etc.). With 7500 researchers and technicians, 1700 active research projects, 23 certified laboratories, and a number of internationalcooperations, Fiocruz is now the leading Latin American institution for health sciences and technologies.


Contact: Claire Giraud,



GSK co-funds CNRS grants

The UK pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), which produces a quarter of the world's vaccines, is co-funding grants for PhD students (bourses de docteur ingénieur, BDI) at CNRS, a partner since 1986, to a total of €540,000. These grants fund research into new ways of introducing nitrogen functional groups into the molecules of active principles, and in improvement of the bioavailability of synthetic substances. In fact, over 90% of pharmaceutical compounds contain at least one atom of nitrogen.

GSK is CNRS' second largest industrial partner for BDI funding. The grants are intended for graduate engineers who wish to get research training before joining industry.


Contact: Marie-Claire Lasne



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