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Seeing the Invisible Universe

Last June, the Wide field imaging InfraRed Camera (WIRCam) was mounted on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT). It should change the way we see the Universe. This wide field camera, the most powerful of its kind in the world, is equipped with an array of four infrared detectors derived from the latest optical technologies.

It is the result of a collaboration between CNRS, the National Research Council of Canada (CNRC), and the University of Hawaii, in association with two Asian teams, one from Korea and the other from Taiwan. WIRCam complements MegaCam, mounted at CFHT since 2003, but which only enables the Universe to be observed at visible wavelengths. Thanks to WIRCam, the large programs currently being undertaken by MegaCam such as the study of the solar system and stars, the large-scale structures of the Universe and the distant Universe, can now be complemented with the observations carried out in near infrared by WIRCam.


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