Paris, August 23, 2006

Wendelin Werner, 2006 Fields Medal Winner

The Fields Medal, the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for the field of mathematics(1), has been awarded to Wendelin Werner, professor and researcher at the Laboratoire de mathématiques [Mathematics Laboratory] of the Orsay Faculty of Science (Université Paris-Sud 11/CNRS), during the International Congress of Mathematicians held in Madrid from August 22 to 30, 2006. The medal was awarded in recognition of his work in the field of probability. Fellow winners included Andrei Okounkov, Grigori Perelman and Terence Tao.

Werner was born in Germany in 1968 and acquired French nationality in 1977. He is a former student of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (1987-1991). After working as a researcher at CNRS (1991-1997), he was appointed professor at the Université Paris-Sud 11 in 1997 and has since continued his research at the Laboratoire de mathématiques of the Orsay Faculty of Science (Université Paris-Sud 11/CNRS joint unit).

Werner's work straddles the dividing line between physics and mathematics, introducing new ideas and concepts combining probability theory and complex analysis for understanding the critical phenomena in certain phase transitions (such as the transition from liquid to gas).

The work rewarded by the Fields Medal is especially focused on stochastic Loewner evolution and the geometry of two-dimensional Brownian motion. Alongside colleagues Gregory Lawler and Oded Schramm, Werner particularly helped to confirm the predictions put forward by physicists based on the conformal field theory.

Werner has received several international awards, including the European Mathematical Society Prize (2000), the Fermat Prize (2003), the Loève Prize (2005) and the Polya Prize (2006).

Werner is France's ninth winner of the Fields Medal and the third to represent the Laboratoire de mathématiques of the Orsay Faculty of Science, one of the flagship laboratories in worldwide mathematics research.

Wendelin Werner

Wendelin Werner


1) The Fields Medal is awarded every four years to mathematicians under the age of 40.


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