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An international outlook

Catherine Brechignac

© N. Tiget/CNRS Photothèque

Catherine Brechignac
CNRS presidents

Arnold Migus

© C. Lebedinsky/CNRS Photothèque

Arnold Migus
CNRS director general

We are very pleased to present the first issue of CNRS International Magazine, a quarterly publication providing an overview of the innovative research performed in the laboratories of the French National Center for Scientific Research, or CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique).

The increasingly international nature of scientific research demands that organizations give their researchers greater exposure on a global scale and facilitate their collaboration with partners from around the world. It is in this spirit that CNRS has decided to launch CNRS International Magazine. We hope that this magazine will be instrumental in presenting our researchers and their work to the world at large. It will allow researchers in related fields to become aware of one another's endeavors and to foster a constructive dialogue that could evolve into joint projects.

Research at CNRS encompasses all scientific fields. This is why we have decided to create a quarterly that will appeal to scientists in any area of specialization. The result lies somewhere between a specialized and a popularized science journal. Articles list specialized references for readers interested in further exploring a subject.
We at CNRS like to keep in mind that research remains the primary source of innovation and economic development. This symbiosis makes it crucial to keep industrial players and potential entrepreneurs from around the world abreast of the directions and discoveries of French research. We believe that CNRS International Magazine will help achieve this objective.

Likewise, recruitment strategies of universities and of research organizations have attained a worldwide reach, thus generating an international level of competition for the best researchers. Our intention is that CNRS International Magazine will inform potential applicants about the excellent research and employment possibilities awaiting international researchers at CNRS, through both temporary and permanent positions.
CNRS has an active international policy, with a number of well-tested tools for realizing cooperative actions among researchers, research institutions and industrial partners around the world. We hope that this magazine will promote the most effective utilization of these tools and will open the door for even greater possibilities in French and international research.


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