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Competitiveness clusters : a new edge on the playing field

The realm of high technology increasingly organizes itself in large “clusters.” These clusters group businesses, centers of higher learning, and research units in a synergistic framework. The purpose is to bolster competitiveness by reinforcing cooperation within any given
geographic location. Aware of France's late development in this area, the government created 67 “competitiveness clusters.”1 What is particularly gratifying is that out of the 105 projects presented, the 15 that were supported by CNRS were all in the final pool of chosen clusters. What's more, the six clusters singled out as leaders and dubbed “World class projects” were also from the 15 supported by CNRS. Each cluster groups businesses, higher education hubs, and research laboratories that operate in fields as diverse as nanotechnology, aeronautics, or food and agriculture. The total budget allocated to these clusters will be of €1.5 billion over a three-year period.

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1. Pôles de compétitivité


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