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Accelerated research

Supratech is a new technological platform designed to produce the latest generation of particle accelerators. Combining the human and financial resources of the CNRS, the CEA (Atomic energy commission), the Ile-de-France regional council and the European Commission, it will equip three regional sites: the Orsay Linear Accelerator laboratory, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and DAPNIA in Saclay. The Supratech project has a budget of e 5 million over four years.

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ITER reactor site

On June 28, 2005, it was announced that the site of Cadarache (southern France) would be home to the experimental thermonuclear ITER reactor, after a decision made by the six countries participating in the project. Five CNRS-associated laboratories work closely with the CEA in the area of nuclear fusion.


molecular Computing

The goal of Pico-Inside, an Integrated European Project created for a three-year period, is to make molecular computing a reality. Bringing together CNRS laboratories, research institutes and European industrial firms, Pico-Inside is a joint effort to integrate a complex logical function within a single molecule. While basic logic operations have already been computed within molecules, the researchers are now looking at scanning tunneling microscopes to increase computing power.


Athenaweb “Vortal”

The European Commission has launched a “vertical portal” (known as “vortal”) devoted to audiovisual scientific information under the name Athenaweb. It offers European audiovisual professionals access to an electronic library of televised and radio-broadcasts, previews, and contractual solutions for negotiating, selling or exchanging scientific images.



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