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EU-China coordination

The Co-Reach ERA-NET was officially launched on May 11, 2005 in China.1 The network is intended to create coherence and synergy in Europe's S&T relations with China by promoting the coordination of China-related policies and associated research funding programs of individual European countries. Eight European countries are participating in this initiative, with a long-term objective of establishing one or more Chinese-European research programs. The Co-Reach consortium is composed of 12 European partners: five scientific academies, four research councils and three national ministries. France is represented by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Research, as well as CNRS. CNRS currently supports several scientific collaborations with its Chinese partners in the form of joint labs, PICS (International Programs for Scientific Cooperation), and various research projects.

1. Co-reach: Coordination of Research between Europe and China. An ERA-NET is one of the most effective means that the European Commission has at its disposal for promoting cooperation and coordinating national or regional activities involving diverse European organizations.

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