Permanent researchers

Every year, CNRS hires about 400 junior and senior researchers for tenured positions in all fields.  The recruitment campaign is launched in December for a month, with a list of open positions. 

Job openings at starting in December

What will you do as a researcher?
You will carry out full-time research to advance scientific knowledge and contribute to
the progress of society. This may involve applying your research solutions for the benefit of mankind, such as the transfer of technology to industry. In addition to participating in scholarly discourse with other specialists, you will also share information about science and technology with the general public. You may also participate in the teaching and supervising of PhD students, in administration and in project management.

Conditions for applying

(or equivalent substantial body of work)
no resarch work experience required (beyond Ph.D.)
4 years of research experience
8 years of research experience
12 years of research experience


What are the stages of the recruitment process?

  • Early December
    job openings are posted on the CNRS web site
  • Mid January
    deadline for applications to be filed.
  • February through July
    selection process in three stages:
    • applications are reviewed;
    • candidates are interviewed (in Paris, at their own expense);
    • candidates are ranked, after expert panel deliberations, based on their body of work and the interview.
  • October 1st
    selected candidates begin work at the lab specified in their acceptance letter.

How are jobs listed?
The job openings for any given year are listed according to National Committee sections, which represent various subfields of scientific knowledge.Under each section heading the job openings are organized according to rank and level: CR and DR, both grades 1 and 2.

How much will you earn?
For CR positions, the gross monthly pay ranges from 2,000 for a newly recruited researcher to 3,700 , with incremental yearly increases. For DR positions, the gross monthly pay ranges from 3,000 for a newly recruited researcher to 6,000 .

:-) Yearly bonuses ranging from 600 to 1,200 are added to this base pay, as well as family and other bonuses, where applicable.

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