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 Lagrée Jean-Charles

   Europe's Youth or Young Europeans

 Lamarche Hugues

   Poland and the European Union : A Story of Agriculture

• Laubier Lucien

   European Research Seen From Brussels

 Lebaron Philippe

   The Ocean's Surface as Seen from the Top Microscopic Layer

Le Fort Patrick


• Lehmann Sylvain

   Europe Attacks the Prion

• Lequesne Christian

   CERI : A French Research Center in Europe

   A Dockside View of Europe

Lochard Guy

   In the Television Studios of Europe

Ludden John

   Europe Explores the Deeps

• Maljean-Dubois Sandrine

   What Instruments to Choose for Environmental Protection ?

Mendez Ariel

   Human Resource Management in Europe

Migus Arnold

   How to Make a Sun

Molinier Joël

   Founding Principles of the European Union

Monédiaire Gérard

   Health and Environment : Radon Risk and Comparative Law

Peskine Christian

   French Mathematicians Have It Down Cold

Petiteville Franck

   Is the European Union a "Global" International Actor ?

Pfrieger Franck W.

   The Surprising Role of Cholesterol in Brain Development

Pierrot François

   Parallel Robots : Stronger, Faster, More Accurate

Plet Françoise

   Europe as Seen From the Vineyards of Hungary : The Tokay Region

Polcher Jan

   Looking at Global Climate through one PRISM

Postel-Vinay Karoline

   Europe and Other Regions of the World

Pouget Jean-Paul

   In Grenoble, Neutrons and X-Rays Probe Matter

Nicole Racine (Michel Trebitsch)

   Towards a History of European Intellectuals

Ramunni Girolamo

   The Beginning of International Collaboration at the CNRS

Robert Philippe

   European Research on Justice

Rollan Françoise

   Europe at the Edges : The Boundaries of a Continent

Rupnik Jacques

   The Impact of Enlargement on Russia and the Balkans

Schnapper Dominique

   European Citizenship : A Real Political Challenge

Senegas Marc-Alexandre

   Monetary Policy within the Economic and Monetary Union

• Steffen Monika

   Health : Fifteen Who Speak (Increasingly) as One

Trebitsch Michel (Nicole Racine)

   Towards a History of European Intellectuals

Vinet Hugues

   Music Made to Measure

Weijers Olga

   The Faculty of Arts in Medieval Universities

Wihtol de Wenden Catherine

   Europe as a Land of Immigration in Progress

Wormser Guy

    European Particles

Zissis Georges

   Lighting up a New Century


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