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 Abélès Marc 

Looking East and West


On the Trail of British Eurosceptism

 François Amiranoff

How to Make a Sun

 André Christine

Europe's Social Protection

 Augé Etienne

The LHC is on a Collision Course With Matter

 Auroux Sylvain

Grammatising Europe's Languages : the Latin Model 

 Bardet Jean-Pierre

Longterm European Demographic Patterns

 Baudouin Thierry

Europe's Port Cities and Their Role

 Bellier Irène

Europe as a Multicultural Area

 Blanc Michel

The CNRS: A Major Player in Building the European Research Area!

 Bonnifait Philippe

Drivers Overwhelmed by Technology

 Bréchon Pierre

Europeans : Very Close but yet so Different

 Briquet Jean-Louis

Italy : Justice, Politics, and History

 Brun Patrice

The Rise of the State in Europe

 Cappy Alain

Transistors a Thousand Times Faster

• Cattan Nadine

Urban Networks in Europe

  Cautrès Bruno

European Identity in Question(s)

 Charbonnel Nicole

Europe Takes Shape

 Charle Christophe

The History of Contemporary Europe

 Claverie Alain

Future Memories

 Collin Michèle

Cities in Mutation and Old Docklands

 Colliot-Thélène Catherine

The Paris-Berlin Research Trunk Line : Ten Years of Communication and never a Bad Connection

 Colombat Bernard

Grammatising Europe's Languages : the Latin Model 

 Cornet François-Henri

A Laboratory Carefully Located on a Fault Line

 Costa Olivier

European Citizens and Community Law

The European Parliament and its Grass Roots

 D'Albis Anne

The CNRS at the Center of European Research

"Pan-Europeanisation" of Science

 Dalbéra Annie

European Chemists Demonstrate Strong Bonding

 De Lamberterie Isabelle

Information Law and Information Technologies

 Delorme Hélène

Towards a Multifunctional Agricultural Policy

 Demoule Jean-Paul

The Rise of the State in Europe

 Dietl Monica

Imagine Europe as a Research Area...

How Are Things in Belgium ?

French Research and the European Research Area

 Drain Mothré Michel

Europe and Water : The Case of the Iberian Peninsula

 Dubois Emmanuel

Getting Transistors off Performance Enhancers

 Duchêne Gérard

The Political Economy of Transition

 Dumy Pascal

Synthesising Modified DNA for Therapeutic Ends

 Jacques Dupont-Roc

On the Lookout for Gravitational Waves

 Faure Guy

When Europe Meets Asia : A Case of Mutual Rediscovery

 Flaesch-Mougin Catherine

The European Union, an Actor on the International Stage ?

 Fontaine Gérard

Windows on the Universe

 Fornet Gaëlle

European Overseas Research

 Frank Robert

Taking a New Look at European History

 Fregosi Franck

The Emergence of a European Islam

 Frémond Michel

Roads, Bridges, and Buildings

 Genieys William

Spain as a Laboratory for Europe

 Giacobino Elisabeth

On the Lookout for Gravitational Waves

 Godet Nathalie

Europe Sees the (Infinitely) Big Picture and the Infinitely Small One, Too

 Goetschy Janine

From Monetary Europe to Social Europe

 Grasland Claude

An Observatory of European Spatial Planning

 Guélin Michel

Far beyond Europe's Borders

 Guerreau Daniel

Cosmopolitan Nuclear Physics

 Hatet-Najar Geneviève

(Women) Scientists, (Women) Engineers !

 Heusch Bernard

What's New Across the Rhine ?

 Ivaldi Gilles

The Upsurge of the Anti-System Vote

 Jobard Fabien

European Research on Justice

 Kasparian Jérôme

"Teramobile" Hurls Thunderbolts

 Kaspi André

From Six to Twenty-Five, or Thirty

 Kastoryano Riva

If European Identity is the Question, is Multiculturalism the Answer ?

 Kessler-Mesguich Sophie

The Circulation of Knowledge in Humanist Europe


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