Paris, 2 March 2015

Karnak : excavation yields 38 artifacts

The Centre franco-égyptien d'étude des temples de Karnak (CNRS/Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities) has just completed the excavation of a favissa, a pit discovered in early December 2014 near the temple of the god Ptah. The dig has unearthed 38 statues, statuettes and precious objects, making this an exceptional find, both for the quantity and quality of the religious artifacts brought to light. Furthermore, a completely new recording method was used during the dig that makes it possible to virtually reconstruct each step of the discovery with millimeter accuracy.

To download the press release: Press release_Karnak 2015


3-D video reconstruction of the discovery of a bronze statue of Osiris in the favissa:


3-D video of a statue of Osiris in greywacke:



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