Paris, 27 August 2014

Neutrinos provide direct evidence of energy production in the Sun's core

For the first time ever, solar energy has been directly measured at the very instant it is produced. A world-first experiment carried out with the Borexino detector has observed, almost in real time, the flux of low-energy neutrinos emitted by the Sun, and shown that solar activity has hardly changed at all for over a hundred thousand years. These results obtained by the Borexino collaboration1, which includes the Laboratoire AstroParticule et Cosmologie (CNRS/CEA/Université Paris Diderot/Observatoire de Paris), are published on 28 August 2014 in the journal Nature.

To download the press release : Press release_Borexino collaboration



(1) The Borexino experiment is the result of a collaboration between several European countries (Italy, Germany, France, Poland), the United States and Russia, bringing together over 100 physicists, engineers and technicians. In France, the researchers of the Laboratoire Astroparticule et Cosmologie (CNRS/CEA/Université Paris Diderot/Observatoire de Paris) joined the collaboration in 2000. They are supported by IN2P3, Université Paris Diderot, Labex UnivEarthS and Laboratoire APC.


Neutrinos from the primary proton-proton fusion process in the Sun, Borexino Collaboration: G. Bellini, J. Benziger, D. Bick, G. Bonfini, D. Bravo, B. Caccianiga, L. Cadonati, F. Calaprice, A. Caminata, P. Cavalcante, A. Chavarria, A. Chepurnov, D. D'Angelo, S. Davini, A. Derbin, A. Empl, A. Etenko, K. Fomenko, D. Franco, F. Gabriele, C. Galbiati, S. Gazzana, C. Ghiano, M. Giammarchi, M. Göger-Neff, A. Goretti, M. Gromov, C. Hagner, E. Hungerford, Aldo Ianni, Andrea Ianni, V. Kobychev, D. Korablev, G. Korga, D. Kryn, M. Laubenstein, B. Lehnert, T. Lewke, E. Litvinovich, F. Lombardi, P. Lombardi, L. Ludhova, G. Lukyanchenko, I. Machulin, S. Manecki, W. Maneschg, S. Marcocci, Q. Meindl, E. Meroni, M. Meyer, L. Miramonti, M. Misiaszek, M. Montuschi, P. Mosteiro, V. Muratova, L. Oberauer, M. Obolensky, F. Ortica, K. Otis, M. Pallavicini, L. Papp, L. Perasso, A. Pocar, G. Ranucci, A. Razeto, A. Re, A. Romani, N. Rossi, R. Saldanha, C. Salvo, S. Schönert, H. Simgen, M. Skorokhvatov, O. Smirnov, A. Sotnikov, S. Sukhotin, Y. Suvorov, R. Tartaglia, G. Testera, D. Vignaud, R.B. Vogelaar, F. von Feilitzsch, H. Wang, J. Winter, M. Wojcik, A. Wright, M. Wurm, O. Zaimidoroga, S. Zavatarelli, K. Zuber and G. Zuzel, Nature, 28 August 2014.


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