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Common Cause Against AIDS

The best example of the convergence of public health policy across the European Union can be seen in the measures each State has taken over the last twenty years to fight the AIDS pandemic. Even if the campaigns waged by the different members of the Union against this disease were not all mounted at the same time, the instruments put into place – whether for screening and prevention or therapeutic treatment – bear a close resemblance between European countries. Public campaigns on information and prevention, cooperation between institutional actors and not-for-profit organizations, care and treatment of AIDS patients and their social reinsertion, or compensation schemes for the victims of contaminated blood transfusions, all these measures illustrate a slow but sustainable process of learning how to manage public health risks. National government officials, EU authorities and public health professionals could draw on the experience acquired with AIDS when they were faced, a few years later, with new risks such as the mad cow disease or dioxin accidents.



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Monika Steffen

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