Paris, 3 July 2014

HESS-II detects its first pulsar

The HESS-II (High Energy Stereoscopic System) telescope in Namibia has detected gamma rays of only 30 Giga electron volts (GeV) from the Vela pulsar. This is the first pulsar to be detected by HESS and the second – after Crab in 2011– to be spotted by ground-based gamma ray telescopes. These results have been obtained by the HESS collaboration involving the CNRS and CEA.

To download the press release: HESSII


Chercheur CNRS l Mathieu de Naurois l T 01 69 33 55 97 l
Arache Djannati-Ataï l T 01 57 27 61 59 l

Presse CNRS l Priscilla Dacher l T 01 44 96 46 06 l


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