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CNRS International Magazine - No.33 - Avril 2014 - 1914-18, The World at War

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When World War I broke out a century ago, no one expected it to last as long and kill so many. Our feature story describes the ongoing work by historians to try to understand its origins and consequences, and explains how, for the first time, scientists played an active role in the war effort.

Other subjects include a highlight on black holes; a portrait of Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, the ERC's new president; new advances in cancer therapy; how nanoparticles could soon be used to glue biological tissues; an exploration of Australia's insect biodiversity; the major role that family farming, celebrated this year by the UN, plays in the global economy; a presentation of Beirut's Ifpo, an Institute devoted to ancient and modern history of the Middle-East; and much more…


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