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CNRS International Magazine - No.31 - October 2013 - Reading the Future in our Genes

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Today, predictive medicine makes it possible to screen our genome to detect predisposition to some 1000 pathologies. Yet what exactly can be predicted? What ethical limits should be set for genetic testing? What impact will such information have on health and society? Our magazine's special report investigates the many issues surrounding predictive genetics.

Also in this issue, an interview of CNRS president Alain Fuchs; looking back at the publication of Proust's masterpiece, Swann's way, a hundred years later; new data on biodiversity and how to preserve it; a demonstration of neutrino oscillation; a portrait of mathematician Maria J. Esteban, ICIAM's future president; the first ever archeological and epigraphic atlas of Petra (Jordan); Ukraine's investment in science; and much more…


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