Paris, 28 November 2013

Amoeboid swimming - crawling in a fluid

Researchers from CNRS, Inserm and Université Joseph Fourier - Grenoble have developed a particularly simple model that reproduces the swimming mechanism of amoebas. They show that, by changing shape, these single cell organisms propel themselves forward in a viscous fluid at the same speed as when they crawl on a solid substrate. This work has recently been published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

To download the press release : Amibes


Amoeboid Swimming: A Generic Self-Propulsion of Cells in Fluids by Means of Membrane Deformations, A. Farutin, S. Rafaï, D. K. Dysthe, A. Duperray, P. Peyla and C. Misbah
Published on the 27 November 2013 in Physical Review Letters.


CNRS researcher l Chaouqi Misbah l T +33 4 76 51 48 76 l
CNRS press officer l Muriel Ilous l T +33 1 44 96 43 09 l


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