Paris, 25 april 2013

Musical memory deficits start in auditory cortex

Congenital amusia is a disorder characterized by impaired musical skills, which can extend to an inability to recognize very familiar tunes. The neural bases of this deficit are now being deciphered. According to a study conducted by researchers from CNRS and Inserm at the Centre de Recherche en Neurosciences de Lyon (CNRS / Inserm / Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1), amusics exhibit altered processing of musical information in two regions of the brain: the auditory cortex and the frontal cortex, particularly in the right cerebral hemisphere. These alterations seem to be linked to anatomical anomalies in these same cortices. This work, published in May in the journal Brain, adds invaluable information to our understanding of amusia and, more generally, of the “musical brain”, in other words the cerebral networks involved in the processing of music.

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Impaired pitch perception and memory in congenital amusia: The deficit starts in the auditory cortex. Albouy, P., Mattout, J., Bouet, R., Maby, E., Sanchez G., Aguera, P-E., Daligault, S., Delpuech, C., Bertrand, O., Caclin, A. & Tillmann, B., Brain. Volume 136, Issue 5. May 2013.


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