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  • 3 November 2016
    France doubles its experimental capability in nuclear physics
    The new SPIRAL2 particle accelerator at the French large heavy-ion accelerator GANIL (CNRS/CEA), inaugurated on November 3 in the presence of the French President François Hollande, will be able to (...)
  • 19 October 2016
    Cheese : a matter of love or hate
    Until now, the reason why some people hate cheese has been a mystery. Researchers at the Centre de Recherche en Neuroscience de Lyon (CNRS/INSERM/Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1/Université Jean (...)
  • 11 October 2016
    New 3D design for mobile microbatteries
    In the race towards miniaturization, a French-US team—mostly involving researchers from the CNRS, Université de Lille, Université de Nantes and Argonne National Laboratory (US) as part of the (...)
  • 7 October 2016
    Lifting the veil on Queen of Sheba's perfume
    It is one of the oldest fragrances in the world. Nicolas Baldovini's team at the Institut de chimie de Nice (CNRS/UNS) has just discovered the components that give frankincense its distinctive odor: (...)
  • 5 October 2016
    CNRS molecular machine pioneer Jean-Pierre Sauvage receives the 2016 Nobel prize in chemistry
    Jean-Pierre Sauvage, a CNRS researcher from 1971 to 2014 and currently professor emeritus at the Université de Strasbourg, has been awarded the 2016 Nobel prize in chemistry, jointly with Sir James (...)


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