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  • 24 may 2017
    From context to cortex : Discovering social neurons
    The existence of new “social” neurons has just been demonstrated by scientists from the Institut de neurosciences des systèmes (Aix-Marseille University / INSERM), the Laboratoire de psychologie (...)
  • 19 May 2017
    A new material for purifying natural gas
    The fields of gas filtration and purification require materials whose porosity can be perfectly controlled. Zeolites, which are porous inorganic compounds, are the most frequently used today, (...)
  • 17 May 2017
    A new approach to forecasting solar flares ?
    The emerging discipline of space meteorology aims to reliably predict solar flares so that we may better guard against their effects. Using 3D numerical models1, an international team (...)
  • 9 may 2017
    Sound projection : Are Stradivarius violins really better ?
    Researchers at the Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert (CNRS/UPMC) have shown that recently-made violins have better sound projection1 than those built by the famous violinmaker Antonio (...)
  • 8 may 2017
    Does global warming threaten the gut microbiota ?
    The deleterious effects of climate change on bacterial species composing the gut microbiota1 of a lizard have been demonstrated by researchers from the Evolution and Biological Diversity (...)


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