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  • 22 September 2015
    Decision-making involves a little known brain region
    When faced with a change to our environment, we have to make appropriate decisions, which usually involves the orbitofrontal cortex. Yet unexpectedly, scientists at the Institut de Neurosciences (...)
  • 17 September 2015
    First-ever in vitro human spermatogenesis
    The French startup Kallistem has achieved a world first by obtaining complete human spermatozoa in vitro, using tissue specimens collected from infertile men. The company, which stems from (...)
  • 9 September 2015
    'Hot Jupiter' exoplanets may have formed very rapidly
    Twenty years after they were first discovered, 'hot Jupiters', gas giant planets that orbit very close to their star, are still enigmatic objects. Using the spectropolarimeter ESPaDOnS on the (...)
  • 7 September 2015
    New giant virus discovered in Siberia's permafrost
    Scientists from the Laboratoire Information Génomique et Structurale (CNRS/Aix-Marseille Université), the Laboratoire Biologie à Grande Echelle1 (CEA/Inserm/Université Joseph Fourier) and (...)
  • 3 September 2015
    A humanoid robot to liaise between space station crews
    A team of French researchers from the Institut cellule souche et cerveau (Inserm/Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1), led by CNRS senior researcher Peter Ford Dominey, has developed “an (...)


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