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  • 4 April 2018
    The great acceleration reaches new heights
    An international team of researchers1, including a CNRS researcher at the department of Écologie et Dynamique des Systèmes Anthropisés (CNRS / Université de Picardie Jules Verne) has (...)
  • 2 April 2018
    Artificial molecules that mimic DNA
    Not only can synthetic molecules imitate the structures of their biological counterparts, they can also assume their functions and even outcompete them. This has recently been demonstrated by (...)
  • 29 March 2018
    Polymers that mimic chameleon skin
    Biological tissues have complex mechanical properties – soft-yet-strong, tough-yet-flexible – that are difficult to reproduce using synthetic materials. An international team has managed to produce a (...)
  • 27 March 2018
    BIABooster : a more sensitive device for characterizing DNA in blood circulation
    Developed and patented1 in 2012 and 2014 in the Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes (LAAS-CNRS) and implemented industrially by Picometrics-Technologies, BIABooster (...)
  • 26 March 2018
    How to make a good impression when saying hello
    You can hear the perfect hello. And now you can see it too. Researchers from the CNRS, the ENS, and Aix-Marseille University1 have established an experimental method that unveils the (...)


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