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  • 31 August 2015
    Alzheimer's : a new factor emerges after 30 years
    Researchers have identified a new peptide that plays a role in Alzheimer's disease. Related to the famous amyloid-β, which accumulates by forming plaques in the neurons of patients, it has (...)
  • 28 AUGUST 2015
    Imitating viruses to deliver drugs to cells
    Viruses are able to redirect the functioning of cells in order to infect them. Inspired by their mode of action, scientists from the CNRS and Université de Strasbourg have designed a "chemical virus" (...)
  • 24 AUGUST 2015
    Heavy metals involved in major mass extinctions ?
    'Malformed' fossil plankton dating back 415 million years reveal that heavy metal pollution may have contributed to some of the world's largest extinction events. This work, performed by the (...)
  • 20 august 2015
    Food intake, a fragile balance between neural pathways
    A team at the Laboratoire biologie fonctionnelle et adaptative (CNRS/Université Paris Diderot) investigated the relative role of energy needs and "pleasure" of eating in food intake. The researchers (...)
  • 5 August 2015
    Glutamate, a new player in addiction
    Scientists have just identified in the mouse, and then confirmed in humans, a new factor that regulates addiction. Glutamate, a neurotransmitter1, contributes to regulating dopamine (...)


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