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The CNRS Regional Bureau at Moscow

The CNRS' regional bureau at Moscow is responsible for carrying out the international policies and initiatives of the CNRS in Russia and the Community of Independent States (CIS). It is also expected to propose new actions, and to undertake preliminary studies as needed to inform and assist the CNRS Office of International Relations in its decision-making.

The “six commandments” of the Moscow bureau:
 to see to the application of agreements and to ensure full compliance with the rules of intellectual property;
 to encourage scientific collaboration and to follow ongoing collaborative endeavors;
to ensure that CNRS scientists are present in the universities, research institutes, public research organisations, and industries of Russia and the CIS through the establishment of contracts between the CNRS and its partners;
 to help the CNRS establish ties with the research parks and technology transfer centers of Russia and the CIS;
 to suggest new cooperative actions based on partners' priority areas to the CNRS Office of International Relation, for subsequent analysis by the scientific departments concerned;
 to organise and accompany visits by CNRS officials to Russia and the CIS and, when appropriate, visits by Russian and CIS science administrators to the laboratories and offices of the CNRS.

Major CNRS's partners in Russia:
Académie des sciences (RAS) (Loffe Physical-Technical Institute, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Boreskov Institute of Catalysis, Schmidt Geophysical Institute, Space Research Institute (IKI)), Institut de recherches nucléaires de Doubna (JINR), Fondation russe pour la recherche fondamentale (RFBR), Université Lomonossov (MSU).




Patrick Le Fort
Bureau du CNRS à Moscou
Tel.: +70 95 129 03 13

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