Paris, 30 january 2013

Androgenic hormones could help treat multiple sclerosis

Testosterone and its derivatives could constitute an efficient treatment against myelin diseases such as multiple sclerosis, reveals a study by researchers from the Laboratoire d'Imagerie et de Neurosciences Cognitives (CNRS/Université de Strasbourg), in collaboration in particular with the “Neuroprotection et Neurorégénération: Molécules Neuroactives de Petite Taille” unit (Inserm/Université Paris-Sud). Myelin composes the sheaths that protect the nerve fibers and allow the speed of nerve impulses to be increased. A deficit in the production of myelin or its destruction cause serious illnesses for which there is no curative treatment. The researchers have shown that in mice brains whose nerve fibers have been demyelinated, testosterone and a synthetic analog induce the regeneration of oligodendrocytes, the cells responsible for myelination, and that they stimulate remyelination. This work is published on January in the journal Brain.

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The neural androgen receptor: a therapeutic target for myelin repair in chronic demyelination. Rashad Hussain, Abdel M. Ghoumari, Bartosz Bielecki, Jérôme Steibel, Nelly Boehm, Philippe Liere, Wendy B. Macklin, Narender Kumar, René Habert, Sakina Mhaouty-Kodja, François Tronche, Regine Sitruk-Ware, Michael Schumacher and M. Said Ghandour. Brain, January 2013. Volume 136(1): pages 132-146 (doi:10.1093/brain/aws284).


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