Paris, 13 June 2012

The AllEnvi alliance at Rio+20 - AllEnvi places environmental research at the heart of the debates

For the leaders of the world's main countries meeting in Rio from 13 June 2012, the time has come for new commitments. During the conference, environmental research also wants its voice heard loud and clear.
The scientists gathered together under the banner of AllEnvi, the National Alliance for Environmental Research, have rallied for this conference. AllEnvi, which brings together around twenty French(1) research organizations, will be present from 13 to 24 June 2012 at the French Pavilion. Several events, run by scientists, will involve interaction with civil society, allowing the Alliance to bring its contribution to the debate.

At the first Rio Summit in 1992, scientists played a critical role in raising awareness of the importance of environmental change. In 2012, they will continue to voice their concerns in Rio, on the occasion of the United Nations conference on sustainable development.

The role of researchers at Rio+20 will consist not only of sounding the alarm, but also and most importantly of improving knowledge and contributing their expertise. This should help decision-makers to rely on research, innovation, scientific cooperation and dialogue between stakeholders in order to address important issues related to food, water, climate, biodiversity and land development.

Showing diverse approaches and scientific advances in the environmental field, demonstrating the need for governments to support research, cooperating with scientists in building solutions: these are the messages that AllEnvi wishes to deliver at Rio+20.

Around twenty researchers from AllEnvi's member organizations - Cirad, CNRS, lfremer, Inra, IRD, Irstea, the National Museum of Natural History - will hold and participate in conferences and "side events". The proposed topics for these events will focus on the multi-disciplinary character of environmental science, the cooperation between researchers worldwide and the interactions with economic and social stakeholders across the planet.

Issues to be addressed :

o "Ocean science": the "Ocean" programme, in the wake of the Grenelle of the Sea. Promoting an integrated approach so as to better understand the "ocean" system, its diversity and its interactions, and to sustainably use its resources, with a focus on the French overseas departments and territories (19 June);
o "Research and sustainable development: AllEnvi, a governance tool" (20 June);
o "Agri-science", agricultural research's contribution to green growth and the fight against poverty in developing countries (21 June);
o "Forum for sustainable development in developing countries: application to the shared management of water and tropical forest resources" (21 June);
o "Biodiversity in French Guiana: a favourite location for environmental research" (21 June);
o "A territorial approach to social change": how to mobilize scientific know-how for the development of territories and the transition towards a green economy (22 June);
o "Participatory science" (22 June).

Promoting European cooperation towards developing countries' progress
AllEnvi pools the expertise of research organizations, universities and schools in the field of environmental science. It embodies a co-ordination and forward planning strategy aimed both at triggering a scientific excellence dynamics in France and Europe, and at promoting a society capable of meeting the challenges linked to the ecological transition towards green growth.
● Commitment to work on the important issues that our societies are facing: food, water, climate and territories
● Coordinating environmental research strategies
● Pooling the expertise of all stakeholders and players

12 founding members
BRGM , CEA, Irstea , Cirad, CNRS , CPU , Ifremer , IFSTTAR , Inra , IRD , Météo France , the National Museum of Natural History.

20,000 scientists

(Interim) President: François Houllier, Director General in charge of Inra's scientific organization, resources and evaluation
5 Vice-Presidents:
● Françoise Gaill, Director of Inee at CNRS, Vice President in charge of programming and scientific forecasting
● Danièle Hérin, Chair of the University of Montpellier II and representative of the CPU, Vice President in charge of higher education issues
● François Houllier, Director General of Inra, Vice President in charge of innovation, technology transfer and public policy support
● Michel Laurent, President of IRD, Vice President in charge of Europe and the rest of the world.
● Jean-Yves Perrot, CEO of Ifremer, Vice President in charge of research policies in and for French overseas departments and territories.
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(1) AllEnvi has 12 founding members and 15 associate members – The founding members comprise: BRGM, CEA, Irstea, Cirad, CNRS, CPU, Ifremer, IFSTTAR, Inra, IRD, Météo France, the National Museum of Natural History.


presse AllEnvi : Marie Signoret – +33 (0)1 40 96 61 30 / +33 (0)6 77 22 35 62 –

presse CNRS : 01 44 96 51 51 -


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