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The Robea Programme

Robea is an interdisciplinary research programme of the CNRS. The robotics department of Montpellier's Laboratory for Informatics, Robotics, and Microelectronics is in charge of the various projects underwritten by Robea. These include:

Machines with Complex Architecture: From conception to performance and autonomy (MAX)
This project focuses on new parallel machines from a conceptual, identification, and command point of view, looking at both theoretical and experimental questions. MAX involves a range of scientific disciplines from mechanics and automation to metrology and signal treatment.

Conception and Command Systems for Coordinated Movements
With application to endoscopic surgery and microsurgery (MARGE)
This aim of this research project is to develop methods of conception and command systems to achieve high degrees of mobility and dexterity for complex gestures (suturing, knot tying and ligature in micro- and endoscopic surgery).

Control of movement of paralysed lower member under electric stimulation
This project's goal is to define a musculoskeletal model and the corresponding protocols of identification as well as measurement platforms, within a larger framework of restoring artificial movement to paraplegic patients.




François Pierrot
Laboratoire d'informatique, de robotique et de microélectronique de Montpellier (LIRMM)
CNRS-Université Montpellier II

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