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Some Figures to Shed Light on the Subject

An estimated 30 billion electric lamps are in use on the planet, and ten billion new lamps are produced each year. The numbers for energy used are just as impressive; world consumption of electricity for lighting comes to 2000 TWh* per year, or more than one tenth of total electrical generation. Industrialised nations use on average 10 to 15% of their annual electric power production for lighting (12% in France, over 19% in the US). In under-development countries where lighting is a priority need, the proportion of electric power that goes to lighting is much higher (37% in Tunisia, 89% in Tanzania).
In 1999 France consumed 41 TWh in lighting. About 60% of this went to non-residential lighting. Public and roadway lighting accounted for 10% and domestic lighting 30%. It should be noted, however, that domestic lighting consumption has tripled in 20 years (5 TWh in 1979, 14 TWh in 1999).




Georges Zissis
Centre de physique des plasmas et de leurs applications de Toulouse

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