25 July 2011

Particle physics : latest results and new challenges

Press conference scheduled for 1.30 pm (French time) on Monday, 25 July 2011
in Grenoble

What are the latest discoveries on dark matter and the Higgs boson? What new secrets have neutrinos revealed? After more than a year in operation, it is time for the first review of the LHC. In the 3-month period up to mid-June of this year, the number of LHC experimental collisions exceeded 70 million million, in other words the objective set for the whole of 2011. This performance bodes well for further promising advances over the coming weeks, while the future of the LHC and the initiation of new projects are being discussed: what strategy should be adopted in Europe today for the particle physics of tomorrow?

These themes have been explored during the press conference about the latest particle physics results in 2011 and the outlook for the future, which took place during the International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics – HEP 2011. This not-to-missed event in the high energy physics calendar is organized this year by the European Physical Society (EPS), with the support the French scientific community (CNRS, CEA and universities).

To have a look at the press conference.

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