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Political Stakes in Space

If space is no longer terra incognita, nonetheless space activities are still along way off from most citizens' daily reality. Space exploration and its current value were founded originally in flights of the imagination, with science fiction playing the role of motivating vision usually held by myth. Once the early captivating days were passed, the public lost interest in space conquest. Those taken up by the passion for space of course continue to preach it to all who will listen, but their message seems far from the concerns of most of us. At the same time, more than 5,000 satellites have been launched in the last 45 years. Space has become a vital matter of national sovereignty and space policy is now formulated with a nation's foreign policy and defense policy clearly in mind. This issue of Hermès1 takes a look at the multiple facets of various space policies and the thinking which underlies their formulation, with special attention paid to Europe in space.



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