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How Are Things in Belgium ?

The CNRS Bureau in Brussels

"The scope of activity of the Brussels bureau can be summarized in three key words:", says Monika Dietl, head of the CNRS Bureau in Brussels, "advising, interfacing, lobbying". The Bureau acts as adviser for scientific and administrative aspects of community affairs concerning the implementation of European research policy. Working with the French Minister of Research, the Bureau represents the scientific community of the CNRS to European authoritative bodies (European Commission, Parliament, Council, etc.) and to the various public and private research organisations represented at Brussels. The Bureau carries out strategic and technological monitoring of community activity as well as "lobbying" actions with academic and industrial partners.

As Monika Dietl puts it, "European research policy isn't only decided at Brussels". Nonetheless, having an office here helps the CNRS position itself clearly and coherently on the European scene and thereby to be an active participant in the construction of a European Research Area. "The CNRS Brussels Bureau helps the French scientific community communicate better with the European Union", says Dietl. To do this, it maintains close relations with officials of the European Commission, follows the sessions of the European Parliament, works closely with France's diplomatic presence in Brussels, and reinforces contacts with the scientific community present in Brussels.

The Bureau works to inform the decision-making process of the CNRS in its strategy towards the Sixth Framework Programme and the European Research Area. It also maintains an internal CNRS network comprised of the European affairs advisers of each scientific and administrative department and the partnership and contract services of each regional CNRS office in France. Daily dispatches are sent out from the Bureau to this network which in turn informs researchers. In addition, the Bureau organises regular information meetings and training sessions throughout France on European issues.

Finally, the Bureau works directly with CNRS laboratories to advise and guide scientists in through the administrative channels of the European Commission. Its membership and active participation in CLORA, the Association of French Research Organisations, comprise another facet of its piloting role for the CNRS in Brussels.




Monika Dietl
Bureau du CNRS Bruxelles

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