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Time line

March 4, 2000: Lisbon Summit, birth of the notion of a European Research Area
2001: Three foundation texts proposed
February 13, 2002: The Directorate General of the CNRS meets with the European Commissioner for Research, Philippe Busquin
March 20, 2002: Dissemination of the call for expressions of interest
May 22, 2002: The Directorate General of the CNRS meets with the general director of the EC's Research Division
June 7, 2002: Deadline for expressions of interest
Fall 2002: The Commission publishes a summary of the expressions of interest. No project has been selected at this date.
November 11-13, 2002: FP6 is launched at a forum organised in Brussels bringing together 8000 participants. The CNRS was one of the exhibitors.
End of November, 2002: Meeting of the programme committee to finalise the work programmes.
December 17, 2002: First call for tender with a period of three months to finalize propositions.
Mid-March 2003: First projects announced.
End of the first quarter of 2003: Definitive list of all projects retained in first round.
2010, Goal: The European Union as the world leader of scientific research with 3% of GDP invested in research.




Monika Dietl
Bureau du CNRS Bruxelles

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