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  • Space Seen from Earth
    Laurent Vigroux, the current director of the Astrophysics Institute of Paris,(1) has also been president of the Council of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) since January 2009. He explains the (...)
  • Modernizing Air Traffic in Europe
    A threefold increase in air traffic capacity in European skies, management costs halved, safety improved tenfold, and the environmental impact of each flight cut by 10%: just some of the objectives (...)
  • Tracking the World's Water
  • Associated Laboratories
  • Most Powerful NMR Spectrometer Now Operational
    The most powerful nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer in the world was recently inaugurated at Lyon's European Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center (CRMN).(1) Gilberte Chambaud, director of CNRS' (...)
  • Thawing Climate History
  • Astronomy
  • CNRS in brief
    The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research) is a government-funded research organization under the administrative authority of France's Ministry of (...)


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