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n°1 : 2nd trimester 2003

The CNRS on Time for Europe

Introducing CNRS Thema

CNRS Themaprovides the media with in-depth background material by presenting the reflections of CNRS scientists on societal issues as well as CNRS involvement in the debates of the day.

CNRS Thema

CNRS Thema, 3, rue Michel-Ange, 75794 Paris, Cedex 16, FRANCE
Telephone: +33 (0)1 44 96 46 51
Fax: +33 (01) 44 96 49 29
To reach the person desired, dial +33 (0)1 44 96 followed by the four numbers indicated, or send an email to

Scientific and Technical Information Delegation (DIST): Sofia Nadir, Director. CNRS Thema; Editor-in-Chief: Marie Pinhas-Diena (46 36); Associate Editor: Mireille Vuillaume (49 44); Editorial Assistants: Daniel Le Méhauté, Marie Lauvergeon (46 24); Contributing Editors: Florence Castelnau-Mendel, Baudouin Eschapasse, Emilie Gillet, Cyrille Le Déaut, Maurice Mashaal, Victoire N'Sondé, Amélie Padioleau, Emmanuel Perochon, Florence Raynal, Philippe Ribeau-Gésippe, Philippe Testard-Vaillant; Press Relations Office: Martine Hasler, Director (46 35); Muriel Ilous (43 09), Magali Sarazin (46 06), Marie-Noëlle Abat, media partnerships (+33 (0)6 80 26 28 08); Secretarial Support: Samira Techer (46 37). On-line publication: Daniel Le Méhauté. Graphic design, cover design, layout: Bruno Roulet of the Press Services of the CNRS Headquarters in Paris. Illustration of the text European Research on Justice: William Langlois. Graphic design and production of the map insert: Paragramme. All CNRS photos are available from the CNRS photothèque: contact: Marie-Odile Jacquot (+33 (0)1 45 07 56 87). Photo-engraving: NOVAGRAPH', Saint-Denis, France.

The English version of this issue was established by Timothy Carlson.




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