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Table of contents - No.11 - July 2008 - Europe

CNRS international magazine n°11 - July 2008

1, place Aristide-Briand F-92195 Meudon Cedex
Telephone :+33 (0)1 45 07 53 75
Fax:+33 (0)1 45 07 56 68

Publisher: Arnold Migus

Editorial Director: Arnaud Benedetti (CNRS)

Deputy Editorial Director: Fabrice Impériali (CNRS)

 Managing Editor: Isabelle Tratner (CNRS)

Editorial Advisor: Françoise Harrois-Monin (CNRS)

Staff Writers: Fabrice Demarthon, Charline Zeitoun (CNRS)


Freelance Writers:

Fabien Buliard, Patricia Chairopoulos, Caroline Dangléant, Denis Delbecq, Séverine Duparcq, Rose Georges, Laurianne Geoffroy, Mathieu Grousson, Lucille Hagège, Coralie Hancok, Fui Lee Luk, Virginie Lepetit, Samantha Maguire, Pierre Mira, Mark Reynolds, Tom Ridgway, Graham Tearse, Philippe Testard-Vaillant, Etienne Toriello, Clémentine Wallace.


Translation Manager:

Aimée Bartosik (CNRS)

Copy Editors:

 Saman Musacchio

Graphic Design: Céline Hein

Iconography: Marie Mabrouk (CNRS), Anne Wirz-RajonCNRS)

Cover Illustration:

Valérie Gutton for the CNRS magazine

On line version:

Laurence Winter


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