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Table of contents - No.10 - April 2008 - Secrets of the earth

CNRS international magazine n°10 - April 2008

1, place Aristide-Briand F-92195 Meudon Cedex
Telephone :+33 (0)1 45 07 53 75
Fax:+33 (0)1 45 07 56 68

Publisher: Arnold Migus

Editorial Director: Arnaud Benedetti (CNRS)

Deputy Editorial Director: Sylvie Bénard (CNRS)

 Managing Editor: Isabelle Tratner (CNRS)

Editorial Advisor: Françoise Harrois-Monin (CNRS)

Staff Writers: Fabrice Demarthon, Matthieu Ravaud (CNRS)


Freelance Writers: Elias Awad, Fabien Buliard, Patricia Chairopoulos, Denis Delbecq, Anita Elash, Mathieu Grousson, Lucille Hagège, Azar Khalatbari, Camille Liewig, Samantha Maguire, Melisande Middleton, Mark Reynolds, Graham Tearse, Philippe Testard-Vaillant, Clémentine Wallace.


Translation Manager:

Aimée Bartosik (CNRS)

Copy Editors:

Min Ku, Saman Musacchio

Graphic Design: Céline Hein

Iconography: Marie Mabrouk (CNRS), Anne Wirz-RajonCNRS)

Cover Illustration:

S. Hunt/The Image Bank/ GettyImages

On line version:

Laurence Winter


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