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Understanding stress

Trouble sleeping? Clammy hands? Does the slightest little setback seem insurmountable? All of these are synonymous with one thing: stress. It’s a condition that affects millions of people throughout the world. And yet from a biological standpoint, stress is one of the human body’s normal reactions. In fact, it is absolutely essential in certain situations, like the need to react rapidly to an imminent threat, for example. 
Stress is fine in small doses, yet the problem is that in our societies, which ask a lot of us, indeed too much of us–at work, at home, when we study, and even when we play–levels of stress are intensifying and affecting us for longer periods of time. And so it is that instead of being a beneficial mechanism, stress has become the bane of modern life. Calling on biology, psychology, and sociology, CNRS International Magazine investigates the facts.


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