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Euryi 2007

Fantastic Four

CNRS can yet again take pride in this year's Euryi awards,1 since four of the 20 award winners were CNRS candidates. They will receive funding of up to € 1.25 million for a duration of 5 years, enabling them to set up their own lab within CNRS. Philippe Schlenker, 36, holds two PhDs in linguistics and philosophy. Currently on loan to the linguistics department at the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA), he will be joining the Institut Jean-Nicod2 to develop a project on “Presupposition: a formal pragmatic approach.”
Sylvia Serfaty, 31, has been on loan since 2001 at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (New York University). Her research project focused on “the mathematical study of certain equations with applications in physics, mechanics, and optimal control,” will be developped at the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis-Lions.3
Terence Strick, 34, will be carrying out his project at the Institut Jacques Monod,4 where he already works. Using techniques for the nanomanipulation of individual molecules, he will be studying, in real time and at the molecular scale, interactions between DNA and proteins.
Rufin VanRullen, 33, works at the Brain and Cognition Research Center,5 where he will be continuing his investigations into the periodic and non-constant mechanisms that come into play when processing visual information. He has been a visiting researcher at Harvard University since 2005.
This was the fourth and last edition of the Euryi awards, which will be replaced next year by the “Starting grants” of the European Research Council. In all, since its inception in 2002, this funding system has enabled 11 researchers to set up their own lab and continue their research within CNRS.

Notes :

2. CNRS / EHESS Paris / ENS Paris.
3. CNRS / Université Pierre et Marie Curie–Paris VI.
4. CNRS / Universités Paris VI and Paris VII.
5. CERCO (CNRS / Université Paul Sabatier–Toulouse 3).

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> Rufin VanRullen,
> Sylvia Serfaty,
> Philippe Schlenker,
> Terence Strick,


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